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Main Activities
Main Activities
The Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring (REM)

Since 1987, REM supports the European Commission (EC) in its responsibilities to provide qualified information to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States on the levels of radioactive contamination of the various compartments of the environment (air, water, foodstuff).

Such a support is provided both for routine and emergency situations:
  • Routine measurements are managed in the REM database. This database contains qualified environmental radioactivity data from all EU Member states for the most relevant compartments in the EU environment since 1984. The database provides the basic platform for preparing the annual monitoring reports, as well some specific publications (eg. Chernobyl deposition atlas).
    In addition and in collaboration with the relavant Competent Authorities, a European Atlas of Natural Radiation (EANR) is under development. Currently focus is given to map indoor and geogenic radon.
  • In the case of a nuclear or radiological/nuclear emergency, REM provides support for the exchange of essential data and information, namely:
    • Messages notifying that an accident has happened, as well as all subsequent official information which are sent through the official EC emergency network ECURIE;
    • Real-time monitoring information collected from automatic surveillance systems in 37 European Countries by the EURDEP system which further redistributes the data to the national and international competent authorities;

Summary information on past projects and activities can still be found in our archives.