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Past Activities

You will find in this section a list of the REM past activities.

Project Name Description
AIRDOS Evaluation of existing standards of measurement of ambient dose-rate; and of sampling, sample preparation and measurement for estimating radioactivity levels in air.
EURANOS European Approach to Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Management and Rehabilitation strategies.
HOT SPOTS Research project on bridging geostatistics and techniques for landscape pattern analysis to improve methods for defining, detecting and mapping environmental "hot spots".
INTAMAP The main objective of this project is to develop spatial statistical methods and open web-based data exchange and visualisation tools and to apply these to real time automatic mapping of a critical environmental variable at the European scale. The variable chosen will be radiation levels as reported by 29 European countries that participate to the European radiological data exchange platform (EURDEP). The approach will be general and yield useful tools for automatic mapping of a great variety of environmental variables.
137Cs ATLAS Compilation of an atlas of Europe showing 137Cs deposition levels following the Chernobyl accident. The project was performed within the Joint Study Project 6 (JSP6) of the CEC/CIS Collaborative Programme on the Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident which was being implemented within the European Commission's Radiation Protection Research Action.
ATMES II The project aimed at evaluating the operational modeling capacity exiting at various environmental protection agencies and meteorological office for long range atmospheric transport and dispersion. Simulation of the Chernobyl release were compared with the measurements collected in the REM databank.
DAM A metadatabase for datasets for atmospheric dispersion model evaluation.
ENSEMBLE 4 ... Application of ENSEMBLE to specific case studies connected to real-time international exercises such as ECURIE, CONVEX-3, DSSNET.
ESCOMPTE_INT The scope of this inter-comparison study is the assessment of the modeling capacity to reproduce the circulation and the dispersion of a passive tracer at the mesoscale in the Marseilles region by international organizations and universities currently involved in the development and application of mesoscale circulation models.
ETEX Tracer experiment organised at the European scale. Two tracer releases were performed and a databank of surface concentration was constructed using data collected at 168 sampling stations.
MESOCOM Predefined case studies for mesoscale flow modeling are presented on MESOCOM web site and can be accessed by a community of European mesoscale modelling groups.
PIPAPO Modelling of the circulation and ozone production in the Po valley (Italy) and comparison with the intensive campaign conducted in the region in Spring and Summer 1998. Model inter-comparison.
RTMOD More than 20 real time transport and dispersion models were applied to 3 fictitious releases and the results compared. The novelty of the system is that the results all communications, model results acquisition and inter-comparison are performed by means of a web-based system.
SIC97 Spatial Interpolation Comparison exercise used to explore the impact of human factors in selecting and using spatial interpolation algorithms for mapping purposes.
SIC 2004 Spatial Interpolation Comparison exercise 2004 (SIC2004). This exercise is about exploring automatic mapping algorithms designed for routine and emergency monitoring.
TRANSALP TRANSALP consisted of 3 tracer field experiments carried out in the Ticino area (southern Switzerland) in the years 1989, 1990 and 1991. The experiments were designed to study the transport and diffusion of trace gases over the very complex Alpine topography.